Sommer Metalcraft Displays
Sommer Metalcraft OEM
Sommer Metalcraft Engineering
Using the latest tools, our engineering team can take anything from a rough sketch to fully-formed designs, create the exact product you had in mind, and find material and production savings that you can pass on to your customers.
Sommer Metalcraft Prototyping
Our dedicated in-house prototyping team specializes in making precision, high-end, prototypes that win contracts and impress stakeholders.
Sommer Metalcraft Streamlined Production
With a 225,000 square foot facility, and over 100 years of experience serving companies both large and small, we can handle fast, massive, roll-outs other companies won't attempt.
Sommer Metalcraft Quality
Throughout the production process, our quality department is there, making sure every product that leaves our facility has been measured, tested, and approved to your standards. It's how we build relationships with our customers that last decades.
Sommer Metalcraft Powder Coating
Our modern powder coating line can handle parts up to 30” x 84” X 192”, and is fully equipped to handle everything from huge runs, to small, delicate parts, with one of the largest selections of standard colors in the industry.
Sommer Metalcraft Fulfillment
Take the headache out of your fulfillment needs. From warehousing, staggered rollouts, and worldwide drop-shipping, our dedicated staff can handle all your logistic needs.
Sommer Metalcraft Service
One of the reasons we've been here over a century is the way we treat our customers. From the initial concept, through the production process, to final delivery, our team is with you every step of the way. It's why our customers keep coming back.